Tuesday, February 7, 2012

2012 Resolve to Get Organized Series

Week 1 - Get Ready to Get Organized ! January 17, 2012-

Ok, Catch you up on this... We are breaking down our big goals into smaller ones so that they are likely to be more attainable. We are supposed to do this by creating a "Big Benefits" Layout or Board. Something we can put up where we can see it- I guess it will be like going on a diet and putting a picture of a pig on the refrigerator door... Anyway, this is to remind us why we are doing this and what the rewards would be.

So basically My benefits for getting organized are:

1. So I can find all my stuff- because if I can see it, I will use it.
2. So I wont buy duplicates of things I already have.
3. So I can spend my time scrapbooking instead of looking for that thing I thought I had.

My biggest reward is that I can feel great about my scrapbook space again and feel like it is an enjoyable hobby again instead of a mess that I don't want to face! My crafting has really gotten out of hand and I hate that I have to go so far away from the family area to enjoy it. I want to include my family, and what is nice about this system is that I CAN do it at the table near my family. (I can come back inside again!)

These are my before pics of my 10 x 16 storage shed that I commandeered for scrapbooking. I only use one side, and my 4 yr-old daughter has a play area with crayons and other craft things on the other half. I have a 13in TV/DVD combo that she can watch her movies while I scrap. It usually doesn't work that way though, because I have to constantly either change movies for her of take her inside to pee or get ANOTHER drink, or snack, etc...

Sorry about the glare...

The desk is covered with the cutaway scraps from the trimmer that is usually parked there. The bag and baskets on the floor are stuff that I haven't put away since Christmas because the floor was covered with wrapping paper and decorations. The pile on the white cabinet on the left are empty boxes that I wanted the cardboard from for mini albums and stacks of finished and not quite finished layouts.

Above the (glare) window is a cassette holder that I got free at the flea market that I thought I could use to hold ink pads- which is nice except that I really only have about 12 of them, so it ends up being the "stuffing place" for other little do-dads- then I can't remember where they are!

My Cricut <3 is on the paper racks on the right and my wide format printer is on top of the tall brown cabinet. I hide my baskets of unsorted jumble of goodies in there with my re-purposed Priority boxes full of themed paper and a lot of scraps that I can never find when I need them.

This is the "Kraft" wall that I joke about. It is a rack that holds those plastic Kraft mayo jars full of foam shapes that I have been picking up at the dollar store for the past 10 years. I never think to look for anything in there until after they layout is done.

So there it is...The cluttered truth about my scrapbook room. Stay tuned for Week 2!

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