Monday, October 3, 2011

Time Gets Away From Me...

I can't believe it's been so long since I posted! It has been a crazy year. I am almost through with my Associates Degree and my unit is gearing up to deploy again, which hasn't really hit me yet. I'm trying not to thing about it.

I got my scrapbook room almost finished- it is a 16'x10' shed that my husband and I bought a few years ago. I had insulated and wired it for my 17 year old's bedroom, but he graduated and moved out last year- and now it's MINE! I finally got some time to scrapbook this past couple of weeks, and can't believe how nice it is to have a space dedicated to my crafts. I can leave layouts that I am working on out on the desk and don't have to clear them away for supper, or hide them from my 3-year-old! It is so liberating! And I actually get to finish them because they are handy to get to! I also enjoy having my materials and tools organized and right where I need them! Who says getting older is bad! The empty nest clears out a personal space for me to do the things I love! Now I can catch up on all those layouts I have been dreaming about and actually see some albums come to life!