Sunday, October 24, 2010

Looking for the perfect map...

Today, I've been puttering around a little with some layouts. I went into serious scrap withdrawal since I've been at Ft. Lee. I always tell myself when I travel that I wont have time to scrapbook while I'm gone, so I never pack any materials. So, I got the weekend off, surprisingly, and decided to hit some of the dollar stores for emergency basic supplies. About $8 and 3 stores later, I have everything I need for several travel pages, but for some reason (and I know you understand...) I decide that I need to start a travel ALBUM - *sigh...

So now I am on this mission to make a layout for every army post and/or vacation I've been on in the past 5 years - it's like a sickness now! I spent at least 3 hours googling for maps of army posts I have been on; this will be the 8x8 background paper for each layout. (I DID bring my printer, of course.) Not surprisingly, some of these maps are not available, what was I even thinking! What really kills me is that I can get all kinds of maps for bases in Iraq, but I can't find one of Fort Chaffee, AR!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

This was taken with my cell phone during my drive to Ft. Lee, VA. It is posted at the first rest area on I81 in VA. I took several more on my digital camera, but I discovered that the memory card mutated by the time I got to the hotel. (So glad I backed that up a few days ago!) So this is all I have of the trip up there from Little Rock.


Sunday, October 10, 2010

Year One

This is the coolest little tool that I discovered today in Picasa! It allows you to blog pictures and layouts directly from your picture viewer. This is a layout that I made for pictures taken in each month of her first year. See how she's grown!
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Jordan's first Easter. She couldn't hunt for eggs, but she loved the bunny!
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My Son John's Graduation Pictures. He graduated in May of 2010. He is a very talented Artist and hopes to go to a specialized art college in Florida for Graphic or Game Design.
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New Arrival

This is a picture of Jordan's first Day!
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Jordan at 2 Months

These were taken when Jordan was 2 months old. We were going somewhere and she didn't want to be put in the stroller...
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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Taking Time to Scrapbook

Surfing For Ideas

Today is kind of a lazy day for me. Not that I don't have tons to do- especially catch up on things that I didn't get done while I was on orders in July, August and September. I spent a week in Utah, then went to Smyrna, TN for a month to reclass for my unit. I have Algebra homework that I don't want to think about right now. So I am enjoying my soon-to-be 3-yr old's nap by surfing the net for inspiration...

After all, I have several years of scrapping to keep me otherwise occupied!