Sunday, October 24, 2010

Looking for the perfect map...

Today, I've been puttering around a little with some layouts. I went into serious scrap withdrawal since I've been at Ft. Lee. I always tell myself when I travel that I wont have time to scrapbook while I'm gone, so I never pack any materials. So, I got the weekend off, surprisingly, and decided to hit some of the dollar stores for emergency basic supplies. About $8 and 3 stores later, I have everything I need for several travel pages, but for some reason (and I know you understand...) I decide that I need to start a travel ALBUM - *sigh...

So now I am on this mission to make a layout for every army post and/or vacation I've been on in the past 5 years - it's like a sickness now! I spent at least 3 hours googling for maps of army posts I have been on; this will be the 8x8 background paper for each layout. (I DID bring my printer, of course.) Not surprisingly, some of these maps are not available, what was I even thinking! What really kills me is that I can get all kinds of maps for bases in Iraq, but I can't find one of Fort Chaffee, AR!

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