Tuesday, February 7, 2012

2012 Resolve to Get Organized Series

Week 3 - Embellishments, A Container at a Time - January 31, 2011-

Epic Fail...

I was so proud that I had managed to save some money on these spinders. I ripped apart some binders that were collecting dust and hot-glued some velcro to the back. Surely this would get me by until I win the Lotto.

Everthing was going great, I even stapled the other velcro side to a 20" x 16" board and could prop that up on a wheeled kitchen chair.

So, I'm making incredible progress putting things away one container at a time.

Zipping along

Feeling Great! Three garbage bags full of packaging and scrounged, re-purposed storage containers. (AKA shoe boxes and plastic mayonnaise jars.)

I am the Scrapping Organizing Bomb

I'm so smart

I saved hundreds of Dollars

Until the damn Velcro came off the spine.

OK, No problem, right? 

Yeah, crazy glue doesn't hold for long either, and that actually rusts the metal.

Sorry, Tiffany, I bow to you... 

If I can find my husband's Gorilla glue I might be able to save my "trailer trash Scraprack", if not, it's back to square one - unless anyone else has any bright ideas.


  1. thank YOu so much for posting this !! I had thought to try to do that but had thrown away all the old binders before the recent move ! I thought to sew the velcro to somethign that would glue to the spinder... LOL !

  2. I thought I might try leaving the portion of the binder that is connected to the spine. Problem #2 is that when you glue them, they don't open and close properly. So if I leave that part on maybe I can find some way to velcro it. I actually used one of the binders to try to prop up my contraption and hot glued the mate velcro to it, but hot glue will not stick to it at all! That is why I ended up stapling it to the board.

  3. And By the way, Larena, thank you! You are my very first follower!

  4. Does it actually HAVE to be "nailed" down? Can't it just be an open binder with the pages folding back open to either side? And my SR cost me under 200 with the discount of being in the challenge--I am using some additional page protectors too, but I bought that one type that has about 6 different sizes of pockets in one page. Just got it so I do not know how much else I may need. Loved you idea of using the cutting mats for dividers!!

  5. I already know that the starter pack will not be enough...sigh* If I can't get it velcro'd in place I may even just use those large loose rings to just hold it together. After all, the idea is to be cheap and effective, so I probably wont beat a dead horse...I do know one thing, this challenge has really been the best thing that I ever happened across. All these years these storage and container manufacturers have been costing us money that we could have been using for embellishments, paper, stamps, embossing folders (you get the idea!) When what we really needed to do is downsize to be happy!


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