Tuesday, July 16, 2013

My Life Upgraded

I am a Grandma again! My daughter had her second child at 10:30 this morning by C-Section. Mom and baby are doing fine. In honor of this new life I have decided to move on with mine - no longer in fear of harm or retaliation.

This is my first post since my husband was hit by an 18 wheeler. It's been over a year. A lot has happened - he passed away in July of 2012. Although I have stayed very emotionally numb and busy, I haven't taken time to do a lot of the things that I enjoy. Crafting and blogging being two of those things.

I have recently taken up Project Life, which is a life saver. I have so much to catch up on. I bought the Jade Edition and a set of cards from HSN during their CRAZY sale, and now I'm hooked! I decided today that I would start blogging again to stay sane and to help me document my life so I can journal better in my layouts.

When my husband died, part of my healing process included following a dream of ours to buy this property and put a home on it. At first I hesitated because of survivor guilt, but then decided that it would be a tribute to him if I follow through with his vision of our home together. I have to say that in light of the terrible things that happened after his death- it is a good thing that we escaped that horrible place and my daughter and I are safe on the land that he wanted so badly to live on. I wish I could post details, but I am still trying to decide if I will prosecute or not...

Anyways; now that I live on 3 beautiful mountain acres I am also planning on building a greenhouse - A dream I have always had, and a chicken coup! I will be survivor woman - lol. I'm not one of those end of the world conspiracy people, but from past experience I know that we are trapped on this mountain for at least 2 weeks out of the year, so we really do need to stock up and prepare for storms and such.

So far I have planned for my gardens for next year by propogating seeds for blackberries, blueberries, and strawberries. They are wintering over in my refrigerator right now waiting for me to plant them in the spring. I already have an organic celery, 6 herb pots, and tomato, pepper and watermelon seedlings sprouting on my kitchen window sills. I got a late start this year on gardening because my tiller mysteriously disappeared and I couldn't replace it until a few weeks ago. I still have time to put the watermelon in raised beds, but I am desperately hoping to have my greenhouse up before cold weather hits this year and my seedlings will be ready to transplant.

I see that I still have a couple of followers. I will be posting more now that my daughter and I are starting to get into a routine. I am still working on the house - A repo doublewide that I got for a song, but I am finding a little more time since most of the urgent stuff has been done. I can putter around a do the rest of the decorating and fine tuning as things come up. I am looking forward to posting my progress and crafty things as I ease back into "Living" and getting to know myself again.

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